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Full Aquarius Magic Horoscope Prediction for Sunday July 8th

Health, Money and Love Horoscope for Today, Sunday
Aquarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



You normally feel comfortable around other people. You're well aware of your unique personality, and others can feel that coming off of you pretty easily. You've got some charisma in you, and you put it into practice at the slightest chance you get.

At today's meeting with your friends or family, you'll be bringing about some mixed feelings: some will find you irresistible, while others will think it might not be that much of a deal.

Sometimes it's hard for you to admit that even if you're wonderful, not everyone can like you. Some just don't want you to be around because they're jealous.

It's no use getting mad about this. The stars just want you to socialise with people who will bring some meaning to your life, while those who aren't fated to share your path just won't come near.


The message from Saturn to Aquarians is clear: stop pretending like you know everything. Focus on what you're best at and use those abilities as much as you can.

You'll experience a nasty situation at work that will give you a lesson on humility. Being shown off is horrible, but it's even worse to keep digging a grave of lies! Avoid doing that.

For those unemployed Aquarians, you may need more training to face the challenge of your upcoming job. There's nothing wrong with accepting your limitations.

If you're honest to yourselves and to others, soon there'll be a job for which you won't have to lie, where all your potential will come into the spotlight.


Follow your gut instinct and don't despise those activities you suddenly want to do. Maybe they're not directly related to what you want to get done, and it's okay to feel sort of anxious about it.

But it isn't procrastination. Your non-linear thinking leads you to find inspiration in unconventional ways.

Don't underrate this skill; otherwise you'll fall prey to boredom, and this is exactly what kills your creative thinking, and the ability to make up your own solutions to incoming issues.

If you want to boost your brain's health, nuts are perfect for you, thanks to their Omega-3 fats.