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Full Aquarius Magic Horoscope for Sunday, 10 June

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Instead of moping around and wrecking your head trying to see what's wrong in your relationship, consider the bond and attraction between you and use that as a starting point for recovery.

Find solutions and don't be afraid to explore in bed. You get along great, but you need to trust each other more.

Be patient to keep knowing each other, and don't take anything for granted. The best way to really understand someone is to ask.

If you're a loveless Aquarian, you'll call the attention of someone around you. Perhaps they have gone unnoticed to you, it's not the right time to meet. Be patient.


The acceptance of that foul financial situation will help you understand why it happened. What always comes up is that it's a lesson that hasn't sunk in yet.

Maybe you'll have to rethink certain things. It's one thing to understand something mentally, but it's a different story when you fully embrace it.

You can have two attitudes: living through it like it's a heavy chore, or learning from it for the future. Consider it a game where you can win or lose.

If you trust some extra money you expected to receive, it'll delay or not come at all. You shouldn't count on it.


Do you know when to detox, Aquarians? Your body may be sending signals you shouldn't ignore. Even if your body has its own cleansing mechanisms, sometimes this alone isn't enough.

If you feel you can't get rid of bad breath with the right hygiene routines, perhaps it's time to detox your liver. Toxin build-up could be behind this, Aquarians.

A diet in which you include more fruit and vegetables will soon make this issue disappear.

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