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There'll be arguments with your partner about how to spend free time. You both appreciate the little free time you get, and you won't agree much on what to do with it.

On the other hand, it's not good to overwhelm the other person with what we want. In the end, we're all individuals. What if you actually wanted to spend more time alone, away from each other?

You get that perfectly. Native Aquarians are especially good at falling out of line. How about spending the day with your own family or friends? You'll get a chance to miss each other!

Single Aquarians have too many suitors, but perhaps none of them has the ability to think freely you need so much. Don't let just anyone catch you!


The stars give you a chance to invest your money, whether it's a business, stocks, or anything of the sort. If it's a brand new idea, bet ahead, because it all points that it'll be much needed.

The trial process in which you're involved will go smoothly. If you're not guilty, there's nothing to fear. If this is about an inheritance and estate property, you'll surely come victorious, but don't count on that happening just yet. Patience!

Regarding money, it'll be a day for little expense. Take this chance to save away some money in a specific place.


Today's a great day to walk outside and enjoy nature. Try forcing yourselves into it, because Aquarians can rekindle with their essence in the wild.

Whatever weather you get, wear sunscreen, or you'll regret those sudden burns on your skin.

Breathing exercises while walking are the best you can do to activate your body. Breathe in deep, and try to listen to the nature's silent voice.

Everyone else usually hurries or doesn't fit your pace. Follow your own path and you'll see yourselves syncing with the environment. You'll feel complete and thankful towards the universe, Aquarians!

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