Aquarius Daily Horoscope |



You suddenly decide to take a stroll around the park, although you prefer to roam the mountains. But, surprise! The stars have a soul-shaking meet-up in store for you.

You have quite an interesting conversation, a classic quirky chat about human concerns. Almost like a movie. The situation flows smoothly and you both smile. You're completely entranced. You can't stop wondering where that person has been hiding for so long.

This meet-up may also come thanks to an unusual activity. A conference, an open air festival... In any case, life will give you nothing but smiles and joy.

You can become great friends if you're both seeing someone already, and if you aren't, you could be something else.


As unbelievable as it sounds, being original can go against you. If you're thinking of opening a startup, stars suggest you should think twice before you act.

Really original ideas don't usually find a market. Don't be too proud. You should find yourself in a position of power before you release your risky business.

If you don't see any real competition out there, there may be others who tried and failed before you. Originality kills newcomers with these things. Modesty is your best friend in this situation.

To be successful, try to imitate the actions of someone who already is. You don't need the greatest idea ever to start your business.

If you're unemployed, now's the best time to give your all into this project.


Your nose is drippy, what a mess! At least it isn't anything more serious. Your overall health is good, but perhaps you're getting out of a long-term illness and your body hasn't recovered all its antibodies just yet.

Have a hot drink before going to bed and you'll see that tomorrow will be a shiny brand  new day. Don't sleep out of the covers or walk barefoot on cold floors, because that will make your body temperature drop and increase your risk of catching a cold.