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Aquarius Magic Horoscope for This Coming Sunday, May 6th

The Future Prediction from the Stars for Today, Sunday
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Simplicity is a beautiful road, Aquarians. It's important that you're more open in love sometimes. You're slightly scared of honesty.

You consider there's not much intelligence in what can be seen under the naked eye. You're partly right, Aquarians; but on the other hand, no one likes hieroglyphics.

It's true that a little mystery isn't that bad, but can you bring it out without making an extravaganza out of it?

Follow your own criteria when developing your interests and inner life, but share your findings in the most readable way possible. Love lies in comprehension, remember that.


You should admit you can't do what you've been asked, Aquarians. You're always saying "I can do this". Whether at home or at work, a dose of humility won't hurt.

Too much arrogance and self-importance drives you away from true knowledge. Your desire to expand your horizons may be hindered by certain prejudices.

You can learn from all of them, although sometimes you forget. In the same way, today you'll be able to share your knowledge with your workmates, and it'll be profitable to everyone.

If you're unemployed, listen to people's advice on how to do things just this once. You can meet up with a job counsellor who tells you about possible outcomes and what your next moves should be.


A lack of motivation to exercise is your main challenge right now. How can you get some extra motivation? As native Aquarians, you really enjoy belonging to a group. There's your clue.

Team sports are very fun and rewarding, and they're perfect for you! It's not just about winning, but also progressing together towards a common goal. Plus, you'll get friends who are tied through a bond stronger than steel.