Aquarius Astral Horoscope for Thursday 12th April by Magic Horoscope

Your Horoscope Prediction for Today, Thursday
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When the other person is silent, they don't connect with you. You find silence more uncomfortable than most people do. For you verbal communication is essential!

Stop fantasizing with make-believe monsters. Other people can also lock themselves out from time to time. No one can understand this more than you. Sometimes you can be very reserved, Aquarians.

If you've been arguing, today's a good day to make peace. A communication problem which will be easy to solve if you both put some efforts into it.

The single life is starting to get overwhelming. You'll find a partner going to events where you can show off your hobbies.


Many times, when we can't solve a problem it's because you're treating only the surface; you need to go deeper.

Is this problem being understood in all its complexity? You need to consider "everything" but also the "steps" in your analysis.

Your job doesn't depend on you solving this matter immediately. However, if you do, you'd get that raise you've been fighting for.

It's also important for you to take a break. The mind can find enough peace as to bring up a solution in calm times. It's your classic Aquarian creative bout!

If you've taken the right steps in your train of thought, you'll solve the problem when you least expect it.


Today you'll experience a minor immune system drop. Saturn is a negative influence on your health. Illnesses related to your respiratory tract are overwhelming, because your lungs are very sensitive.

A continuous cough you've been dragging around for a few days may get more intense. Go see your doctor, because it might be a sign of something else.

However, it won't be serious. But if you let it go, your immune system might not stand it. It's time to take care of your body.