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Full Horoscope for Aquarius for This Coming Thursday 2nd August by Magic Horoscope

Astral Prediction for Today, Thursday
Aquarius Daily Horoscope |



Congratulations, it all points out that you've found your other half. Everything is exciting and new with them. You just feel they complete you in a way no one had ever done that before.

Being together you'll bring out your best assets and you'll let others see your worth. And not just that; within the relationship, you feel you can let out your inner children.

If you're in a steady relationship, you'll have the power of love with you to solve a delicate issue. It won't matter if routine has extinguished the sparks; you'll make love shine like the very first day.

The planets encourage you to show your full potential, because if you're single, you'll attract quite a rewarding individual.


Happy in love, yet unlucky in money. That's the line for your financial issues today. There's something that's blocking your full development.

Whether it is because of loans or because you don't feel capable, your project or work will be at a standstill.

There's not much you can do now, rather than wait for fate to be better. The stars will test your perseverance in times of hardship.

Don't stop working for what you believe in. What you do from the heart will always be right, whether there's an extra reward at the end or not.


You start feeling a flow of change and inner rebirth that will show in your health. You'll have a more or less steady feeling of wellness throughout these days.

It's the perfect time to carry out your best intentions for health. Exercising more? Eating healthier? It'll all be easier to do if you seriously put your mind into it.

You take care of your health when you go see experts for prevention treatments. A full medical, your dentist, or perhaps even a visit to your local eye doctor will make you feel more at ease.