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An incredibly seductive person is making you fall prey to their charm! You don't know what it is... But you just love it. 

He talks to you like you're in a dream. He slides down his glance on your body like silk... And you've heard he likes you back.

This person could have everything you're looking for in a partner. Don't let them go! They're dangerous, but you just don't care. 

The stars encourage you to take the initiative and make the first move as soon as you can. All these flying sparks are promising.


Today you should believe that there's high hopes in store for you. You've got many talents, some of which you've barely even used.

Part of growing up is to close doors behind you. This is no happy or sad event, it's just life.

Think about your past with as much of a cool head as you can. Anxiety can be easily taken away from your life if you're objective.

Listen to your life story, because that's where you'll find the key to know which way to go next.

It all starts with your determinations and ends up at your fears.



Anxiety is quite the popular topic, but do you really know what it is about?

Anxiety is being afraid, but it's not your regular sense of fear. People are usually afraid of being attacked by bears, or the likely event of being hit by a car while you're cycling in the mountains.

The problem affecting you goes beyond that, you feel afraid about certain future events, with no objective basis to back those fears up.

You may be afraid of losing your job, when your performance at work is outstanding. Or perhaps you're afraid of losing all your money when you're always watching your numbers.

Also, you should face silly ideas about your unfounded fears, giving objective evidence from the present. Write it all down if you need it.