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Magic Horoscope Brings You Your Aquarius Future from the Stars for this Coming Thursday

Horoscope Forecast for Today, Thursday 19th July
Aquarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Don't promise what you can't give your partner. Sometimes you can get tangled in beautiful words. No one likes phonies, Aquarians.

Besides, today you run the risk of taking a prank too far, or telling a lie you won't know how to turn back.

Our star advice is to control that naughty dog spirit that's bound to go with you today, because this game will bring consequences you won't like at all.

If you're bored, you'll feel tempted to gossip and talk about other people's business. That's a complete no-no, Aquarians! Everything will backfire on you according to the planets' arrangement.


Financially you'll get news from which you'll be able to profit, as long as you keep your final goal clear.

Still, the stars are completely against a wild horse attitude. Don't invest on the first thing you're suggested to, or listen to all the propaganda.

Much of it is a lie; they're just marketing strategies to sell more and better. You'll have to be careful in your selections to get your way.

When shopping for curious items, you're better off shopping online rather than at a store. Don't be afraid because you'll get a warranty in case your expectations aren't met.


Today's health advice from the stars is simple: Aquarians, eat healthier! You're always looking somewhere else and neglect your cooking skills.

Invest money and time into planning your meals and you'll quickly notice results in your daily life. You'll be more lively.

Pay lots of attention if you're in a recovery process. Follow your dietary instructions, because there's reasons for that list of permitted and forbidden items to be there.

Even if it isn't that tasty, make an effort. Keep in mind that health comes before dwelling in the delights of flavourful foods.