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Aquarius Magic Horoscope for This Coming Thursday, July 5th

The Future Prediction from the Stars for Today, Thursday
Aquarius Daily Horoscope |



Planning so much your dates with your partner or fling could ruin everything.

Spontaneity is a bonus, especially if the other person doesn't like what you've planned.

You can tell from their sharp answers and distant attitude. Make them connect with the here and now, just ask! Don't lose time trying to do something both of you don't like.

Be a little more loose and make something together. It's not fair that only one of you chooses what to do all the time.

Single Aquarians will encounter some socialising obstacles. You should wait for another day to carry out fun plans, because you won't be cheerful enough to enjoy them.


You have great ideas, but your problem is, you're still fixated, Aquarians. You overthink too much. Whether applying for a job or going freelance, the stars want you to get a move on!

Your reasons are clear. You want to make lots of money with little effort. Unfortunately, you'll have to work quite hard to make abundance come along.

You'll have to dust off your self-belief, because you've forgotten about it. Usually, it's enough to know your topics from head to toe.

This time you'll need to create honest interest about you, not just your knowledge!

You shouldn't get teamed up to carry things out. Don't go together to that job interview, or starting up a business together, because luck won't be in your favour.



Your partner makes it hard for you to start working on having healthier habits. It's too tempting to have nice dinners eating anything in the street or drinking all night long.

If this person insists on not making you progress, you should think about switching partners, because there's serious health issues coming as a consequence of not starting to work on your health goals right now.