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A change in perception will make you leave behind isolating bad attitudes. Those hurtful thoughts reveal a lack of self-esteem.

You're tremendously skilled at picking flaws and easily forget your great virtues. No one can tolerate others the way they are like you do. Use part of that acceptance in yourself, Aquarians. Give yourselves a break.

Reach out to your family. You'll naturally get affectionate words. Find them, they're right there in your heart! Perhaps you never got too many, but that's your power: giving to the world what you didn't get yourselves.

It's a perfect day to leave pride behind and make peace. Trust all the affection and love you feel for one another. It's too hard to make great bonds to go neglecting them this way.


We can't just look out for ourselves and our financial status. Selflessness and volunteering work are attractive to you, but you can't quite get down to doing them.

Although people around you may not be too familiar with volunteering work, or you weren't encouraged to do it before, be the model you never had!

Through devotion you could work permanently with these organisations and manage to make a living through an activity that promotes human well-being. It'd be like a dream come true!

You'll find self-fulfilment when you go deep into your fears. For example, if you got little attention during your childhood, you need to do drama or some sort of activity where you can be the center of attention.


For a while, you've been feeling some numbing pain for which you can't find a reason. Stop doubting, Aquarians. If you don't feel okay, get tested and go for a full medical.

This isn't medicating just because; find the root of the problem and act accordingly.

Your GP has limitations, more patients to tend to and less time to give you, among others. If your pain isn't solved, write down their diagnosis... and go find a second opinion!

The stars point out this issue could go worse if you don't take care of this now. Take the first step and go see an expert. It's best to invest some money into your health than leaving it to get worse every day.