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Aquarius Magic Horoscope Prediction from the Stars for this Coming Thursday

Find out Your Aquarius Horoscope for Today, 7th June
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You may feel confused about your feelings right now. That person definitely awakens new sensations within you. You'd given up on love long ago, and now you think you may have found it again!

But it's okay to be reluctant, you've had rough times... In the past you opened up your heart and your trust was betrayed.

If they make you feel good, energetic and calm, you're on the right path. Nothing else to think about!

It would be different if they made you suffer, in which case the stars recommend to part ways immediately.

Although everything points out that it'll be different. They're worth it. Don't rush it and show your feelings after a while.


What a start of the week! Someone at work will fill up on telling lies about you everywhere. A badly-synced Neptune will unleash these misunderstandings around you.

Don't get furious and let the facts speak for themselves. Getting into their game is giving them credit. Act as if it had nothing to do with you. It's only when you feel your head cooler that you should act.

Be careful because you're likely to get tricked by all sorts of scams. Check your accounts and make sure you aren't paying for services you didn't hire.


One of your greatest issues when trying to eat healthy is a lack of planning, Aquarians. You're always running and rushing through life, so much so that sometimes you forget to eat.

Skipping meals is bad too, you're sending signals to your body that there's no resources, and that slows down your metabolism, which makes you store more energy. Or in other words, it makes you gain weight by eating less.

You could also try something new in the kitchen and cook the meals that fit your likes best. If you change your perspective on cooking, you'll see yourselves improving, and even becoming better at it than the average person.

The key is to give it a bit more of your free time. This way you'll be able to fill your storage and, when you need to cook, you'll have everything ready.