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Full Aquarius Magic Horoscope for Thursday, 22 March

Full Forecast for Today, Thursday
Aquarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



You try to face your everyday challenges the best way you can, focusing on specific issues. What about time devoted to others?

Your way to socialise is to wait for people to come see you out of the blue.

You're this way because, as native Aquarians, you believe you don't need anyone. That leads you to think no one needs you!

To overcome this typical tendency of your sign you need to do volunteering work.

This way you'll come to learn that others need you to do useful things for them.

You don't need special training; it's more than enough if you want to help. Find the time to do it!


You really love taking care of yourself and feel you're taking the pathway you've set, regardless of people saying you're wasting time.

It doesn't matter if life has been a series of doors on your face, follow your star! You'll see someone giving you a chance in no time.

Knowledge and creativity will give you nice advantages soon. With your creativity and wit, you may be taken down a thousand times, but you'll always get up.

Try to get some training to find out more... and network! If you don't have money, ask for it, find it under the couch, but get it. Your future depends on it.

And remember: money doesn't make you rich; it's good ideas that do that.


Your mind is your greatest treasure, but it can be your weakness. It's true; you've got little time, you're always busy. And you let tension overpower you.

Today you'll try to get away from it all. You're entitled to a few minutes of complete serenity. This sounds weird, doesn't it?

Close your eyes and start breathing at a slow pace. When you feel your breathing is regular and slow, picture yourself in your favourite place. It's sunny, you feel your skin getting warm...

Stay in your favourite place for as long as you want, imagining everything that makes you happy.

When you open your eyes you'll be someone new. Just try it!