Aquarius Daily Horoscope |



Aquarians, you're keeping secrets that won't do you any good on the long run. You give the impression of being an open book, but that's absolutely untrue.

Maybe those secrets don't have anything to do with being faithful. They're just things you like to keep to yourself. But since you don't explain anything, you keep up a mystery aura that makes your other half anxious.

You have a good relationship; maybe you should share more with your partner. You'd rather use your friends for that, but your beloved could feel left out.

If you're single, it's very likely that you'll see one of your closest friends under a new light.


Aquarians, today you'll feel like going out. You just want to get out into the streets with everything it implies. Spending money!

You'll know how to spend it in style, on creative activities. Maybe you'll go shopping, or invite a friend to an event where you'll end up buying merchandising products.

You'll feel highly inspired to deal with people around you. You'll give money to whomever needs it, you'll be in the right situation to do it, and you'll be immensely thanked for it.

Still, you need to control your temptations: you can't lose your mind and invite everyone. Your partner may not like that, but you feel like getting away. You'll come back to share some quality time with them.


An incoherent behaviour will lead you into acting before you think, which could have serious consequences if you're not careful enough.

Don't have any accidents because of your cluelessness. The stars point out you're in for great chances to suffer this sort of minor incidents.

Rejoice, be happy and enjoy life as much as you want, but be cautious, please. Do it for the people who love you and need you.