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Aquarius Magic Horoscope for 17th May

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You have burning desires, and sometimes you don't even want to explore your own depths. It's painful to dwell on emotions when thinking is your forté.

But you generally have few friends, and they don't know you that well. That tendency to bottle your emotions doesn't allow you to open up to others too much.

Sometimes you wonder why people just can't trust, without running emotional tests all the time. You're more mental than most. For you a good friendship includes good conversations and fun.

Whether you like it or not, opening up emotionally makes people trust you, Aquarians. It's the basis of solid friendships, beyond the most intellectual side.

A person will come and make it easier for you to express your emotions. It's a gift from the stars, don't let it slide.


Your focused intensity has given its rewards. You get gifts from the stars, everything's flowing smoothly. You reap the professional rewards of the things you did back in the day. Not too hopeful, but persevering. Good!

If you're expecting a project presentation, you shouldn't be that nervous, because everything will go perfectly. You'll be just as nervous as anyone before starting, but once you're in, words will come out by themselves.

Don't forget to be persuasive. Even if Jupiter and Mercury are by your side, you need to do your best; there'll be other days to let go.

Being persuasive you'll get good rewards, such as discounts on certain items. This is more of a sport than a need. However, it's still good luck, Aquarians!


You can develop an addiction to junk food. It's okay to eat it sometimes, but you know that your body needs real food!

Falling prey to trans fats isn't healthy, but in the end, it isn't the worst that could happen to you. Restrict this whim to once a week and try to do some exercise, Aquarians. You'll feel better.