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Aquarius Magic Horoscope Forecast for this Coming Thursday 24th May

Full Prediction for Today, Thursday
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Sometimes you talk to much. After all, you're always telling the truth. But you need to remember that not everyone is ready to bear with the same truthful load, Aquarians.

People around you know you're indomitable. You tell that person what they need at the right time, even if it hurts.

Today you need to rethink this, Aquarians. There's more than one way to say things! After you've hurt anyone, a broken heart can't be sewn back together out of the blue.

You'll come to regret what you say today, so be very careful. The sync between Mercury and Mars makes you more of a fighter than usual. It could especially bring about some serious consequences if you're dating.


You're famous for your tolerance and many times people come to you because they know you won't be judging them. But careful, they could abuse your goodwill at work.

You'll be perceived as a weakling and try to blame you; if that doesn't happen, someone who manages your money will want to take some away from you.

It'll be absolutely unfair, and if you're a true Aquarian, this will make you crazy. It's not that good either to fall on the other end of the spectrum.

Our star advice is to be mature about it. Calm down and be assertive; express what annoys you and ask for the reasons why things have gone this way.

Once you get serious, rest assured that they'll think twice next time around. You won't be fooled again.


Today you'll pay attention to your body and wonder how you've reached this state. Start to be more aware and focused on what you're doing.

Little by little, you'll find that there's no bad habits getting into your usual behaviour if you're always alert about what you're doing, Aquarians.

A routine to enhance your awakening is to notice your breathing patterns, but without trying to alter them. As you practice, you'll develop this non-judgmental observational behaviour in other areas of your life.