Magic Horoscope Brings You Your Aquarius Future from the Stars for this Coming Tuesday

Horoscope Forecast for Today, Tuesday 10th April
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You're asked about what you don't want to answer... You don't want to hurt anyone! And that's when you start using little white lies.

You think you're doing your partner a favour when making life sweeter for them. Sometimes you don't tell them what you really think to avoid worrying them. Your thoughts can be very complex, Aquarians.

This attitude is a sign of deep mistrust. You don't think the other person can accept your true selves. These silences create an increasingly unavoidable gap.

There's no need to lie, there's many ways to say things. Work on your assertiveness. You'll soon be comfortable enough as to reveal anything you want to your partner.

If you're single you're probably going through the seduction stage. Avoid lying because it will backfire against you.



You're not very materialistic and enjoy saving money. However, when you have fun and you're enjoying yourselves, you spend your money like there's no tomorrow. Be aware of what's coming next.

You run the risk of quitting work. It's okay if you miss it for one day. But if that's a habit of yours, there's high chances of you getting fired. Abusing medical leaves and days off work could fall against you.

Sooner or later you'll realise that the best thing for you is to be your own bosses. Starting up your own business will make you truly happy. Get informed on how to do it.

This way, even if you're short on money one month, you'll manage yourself more efficiently until abundance comes your way.


Lying is common. There's bigger, smaller lies. However, they all deteriorate your mental health the same way.

When lying to others, you're lying to yourselves. We believe our own lies. The mind gets used to the fact that the real meaning behind words is good for nothing.

Think about what's stopping you from revealing the truth. Fear, perhaps? Try doing things the right way and you won't have to explain yourself to anyone or anything, Aquarians. The truth will set you free.