Magic Horoscope Reveals How This Coming Tuesday Is Going To Be For Aquarius

Your Full Horoscope for Today, Tuesday 17th April
Aquarius Daily Horoscope |



You're getting more and more tired of seeing people take advantage of your kindness, Aquarians. Today you'll find out that the person you gave up so much for doesn't give back as much as you deserve.

It wasn't anything in particular; it's just a sudden realisation that you'll have of how harmful that person is for you. And there's no going back. You can't trick yourself, Aquarius.

You don't really know what it is, but the rejection you feel is more than obvious. Next time you won't give up your inner peace for promising relationships which become deflated and dull along the way.

Stay true to yourself and listen to your heart from the first minute. That's how you'll find the perfect match for you.


You'll feel it's hard to move on with a lack of sacrifice or commitment. You've been feeling this way for a while, but today it will be more noticeable. We all want to get refreshed but we're afraid of water.

Change your mindset whether you're looking for a job or you're already working. Your attitude's too passive. Mars isn't influencing you, but this is no time to let yourself flow with the water.

It's impossible to take down a tree with just one strike, Aquarians. Luck will reward you if you persevere and follow one single path. You've got full potential and you know what you need to know. Keep on trying!

You'll earn money only after fighting hard for it, so don't you dare get stuck with crossed arms; the sooner you start, the sooner you'll get what you want.


Careful with leg pain today. Aquarians are prone to problems on the lower half of the body. Today you'll feel unusually heavy.

Exhaustion takes a toll for sure, but your pain could also come from varicose veins and a lack of blood flow.

Watching what you eat is essential. Blood vessels become tighter because there's excessive storage of saturated fats in their walls. A low-fat diet is what you need to look for.

Also, you'll find a great ally in creams that you can apply directly on varicose veins.

These creams make blood flow easier and they allow you to move without feeling so tired. Do some gentle rubs so that the cream is fully absorbed.