Full Horoscope for Aquarius for This Coming Tuesday 24th April by Magic Horoscope

Astral Prediction for Today, Tuesday
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Today there's bad news in store for you. You'll find you've been lied to. It will cause you such commotion, even your heart will feel the pain.

You'd like to pretend you don't care, but if there's something you really can't deal with, that's lying. Not just because people think you're a fool, but because of the intentions behind the lie itself.

Lock yourself off and get away from that person for a while, it'll be hard for you to forgive. But if they really matter to you, you'll come back when you heal your wounds, Aquarians. You've got no room for resentment, you're too noble for that.


Jealousy is closer to you than ever. You just want to do your job. Why are people so bored? Not everyone is as open-minded as you, and they don't have that ability to get interested for things beyond the obvious.

But it's not all bad news. Indirectly, a relationship with a workmate will be very beneficial to you.

You're not one to use people, and you won't try to find that. Help will come from that person spontaneously.

The universe understands that sometimes you just can't deal with people, and they send this sort of help. Loyal people, plain and simple.

You know you're an alien among all these average individuals. Your harmonic vibrations are superior, but try to blend in and survive.


If you're ill, you'll get a new diagnosis and treatment. All of this will leave you hanging, but it will be a beneficial crisis.

Knowing the truth gets you very nervous sometimes, because you see more consequences where others don't. That's why your friends and family have been able to control your access to this information for your own good. Don't get mad at them.

As a consequence of finally taking the right path, healing is closer than you think, although it won't be easy. Believe in the doctors and their knowledge of what they're doing. Keep positive thoughts alive.