Magic Horoscope Reveals Your Aquarius Horoscope for Tuesday April 3rd

Health, Money and Love Prediction for Today, Tuesday
Aquarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



For some reason you find it hard to talk to your partner. It isn't the same with your friends or family. Ruling Saturn makes it hard for you to share how you feel.

Up to some extent, you're afraid of their criticism. They've made fun of your opinions before or didn't react the way you expected, and now you can't express yourself freely. Aquarians, you can be so sensitive sometimes.

You'll have to learn to speak out loud, no matter the results. Somehow it's good for you to think of what to say, but as soon as there's excess, freshness dies.

Don't be offended when they don't follow suit. Question your partner and rethink your words, but don't keep quiet, Aquarians!

If you're single, you'll need to work on your communicative skills. That's what's delaying their presence.


Misunderstandings with your workmates come because they don't get what you mean. You express yourself with such classy humour that no one gets it. And then, awkward silences ensue.

No one says you're fake, but sometimes you should adapt to what's around you. If you see them using simple language, you should avoid metaphors and poetic similes.

Keep good connections by being polite, without feeling you need to prove you're original with your speech. You'll play it safer that way. In the end, you just need to be understood, right?

Today, unemployed Aquarians will find a job where the environment isn't too pleasant.


Aquarians, you will experience some ups and downs with your health today. Annoying colds and flus will be your walking friends today. Nothing like a nice helping of soup or vegetable broth to get rid of them.

Your immune system is weak because you don't eat well. Do you eat foods from every single food group? Pulses would do wonders for you right now.