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Aquarius Magic Horoscope Prediction from the Stars for this Coming Tuesday

Find out Your Aquarius Horoscope for Today, 17th July
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You'll be greatly satisfied about your relationship, because your partner will fill your mental needs, and you will fill theirs! You love making others laugh with you, even more so if it's your partner.

Besides, you'll set the basis for a more open relationship, in the sense both of you want, not necessarily about going to bed with other people. You can do unconventional things that other couples can't.

You'll feel listened to and understood, Aquarians, and you'll finally see a change happening, especially if you've been quiet and hiding away from your partner more than usual.

If you're single, you'll find someone smart who'll turn your way to understand relationships completely upside down. They'll be at a whole new level.


You'll get the chance of investing in something exciting. You'll take your first step to fulfilling a lifelong dream.

You'll get rid of "I can't" and your actions will become much more dynamic. It's all thanks to your newfound trust in the quality of your thoughts.

If you're unemployed, joining an association seems most appropriate, according to the planets' arrangement. Income will keep flowing in as long as you work from selflessness. The universe rewards you when you help others.

Money will jump into your wallet thanks to your persuasion skills. Donations, grants, loans... You'll be magically rewarded. And this is wonderful, because you'll know how to use it to reach your goals.


If you've had burns, they won't take long in going away, because of Mercury's connections to the Moon.

This connection will also bring more commitment to your spirituality. A daily routine that helps you believe and have faith, without being a member of a specific religion.  

Devote a corner of the house to an altar where you'll put items that give you good vibrations. Don't forget to add a twig of rosemary to it.