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Aquarius Magic Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Tuesday 12th June

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Since Venus is in sync with native Aquarians, there's romance about to happen. Today you may finally have that date you had been expecting, whether it is having a cup of coffee or taking a walk. You still can't believe it! You like the other person a lot.

Still, don't be washed away by emotions. You need to keep composure. Be honest but not disrespectful. They aren't interested in getting to know your past love life so soon.

You'll get great news from a friend. Get ready because you'll have to go to a wedding soon! Expect the announcement of a happy event. You could even be told someone's having a baby!


You'll start again after a rough time. That's the only way, Aquarians! When you risk it, it's obvious you will lose.

But not everything will have been in vain; you'll have learned your lesson and now you're definitely stronger than before. Especially after learning from your mistakes, there's no room for them next time around.

Our star advice is to avoid rushing in from now on. Reflect and act only when you feel ready. When you quit the role of victim under the circumstances, you'll get exactly what you wanted the way you wanted it.

In other news, you're better off not getting upset about rumours. Avoid getting lost in fakery and focus your attention on your own path. Don't feel down about what others have to say.


Your health condition will be optimal, as long as you avoid drinking or eating outside of your usual intake. There's a certain risk of food poisoning for you.

Also, use gloves when you touch produce and materials which are potentially toxic. It's no good to let loose, even if you think you're safe.

Aquarians' respiratory system is usually a little fragile. Today you should avoid inhaling an excess of dust. Use a mask.

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