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Full Aquarius Magic Horoscope Forecast for Tuesday

Your Health, Money and Love Horoscope for Today, 5th June
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Many times ignorance leads people to do horrible things. They hurt you, and worst of all, many times they can't see how much they actually hurt you.

But you need to know that if you get hurt today, it's not your fault. This is a reflection of their own internal state. A friend that you really love will go overboard.

We all have a bad day. Try to speak from the heart. If something hurts, say it. Otherwise that person won't be able to change their act. You tend to keep quiet, and that's not good for yourselves nor your relationships.

You'll find a partner when you start being more permissive. You'll meet someone with many attractive virtues today!


You complain about not having enough time to do everything you think of. Improve your habits, then, and start getting up early.

It's mostly usual for you to wake up with barely enough time to get ready and face your day. Have you wondered what would happen if you had a bit more time?

Start by getting out of bed just 15 minutes before your usual time. As you see your day becoming more productive, you'll want to wake up earlier. And soon enough, you'll be ready to get up one hour in advance.

How about getting one extra hour to develop the project you've always dreamt of? Sounds worth it, doesn't it?


It would be interesting for you to investigate your family background. Saturn calls on native Aquarians to get informed; otherwise you'll suffer the consequences and it'll be too late.

This is not about panicking. Assume that the best way to heal is prevention, like adults do. Dare to get informed, because it's up to knowledge that your life continues in the best conditions possible.

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