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Aquarius Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Tuesday 13th March by Magic Horoscope

Your complete Forecast for Today, Tuesday
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You come to realise of how many people you've ever loved. All your relationships have been so different from one another! And you still don't get why people dare to talk about "types".

Love isn't about shapes. It can even cross the barriers of gender. Boy or girl, it doesn't matter what if two hearts connect. Your powerful intuition understands it even if you haven't lived it.

You currently have a partner that's not supposed to be your perfect match. What do they know about happy matches! You're very happy with your partner, and that's what counts. You should feel very fortunate.

Never let others make choices for you. Stay true to the directions of your pure timeless heart.

If you're single, you attract all sorts of people and you could soon find an unconventional partner. And you'll be very happy when that happens!


You still don't get as many benefits as you wanted from your current project. And to top it off, you see everyone else reaping rewards... It isn't fair!

This is a test from the stars to make you persevere. If you lose hope on the first obstacle, it means you don't deserve the grand prize. Also, all that luck you see in others has evolved from frustration first as well.

Take it as a long-distance race. Smile to your obstacles. Put your game face on. Focus on your task and you'll see yourself getting what you want in the end.

You should think you've got the shape of water. The powerless shape of cliffs was modeled from the relentless impact of the sea. Keep this image within, it will help you greatly.


The stars bring bad news: an eye problem, like conjunctivitis, could be about to come.

Take very good care of your eyes. Avoid rubbing dirty fingers against them and put some eyedrops on every now and then to keep them clean and properly hydrated.

A saline solution will do wonders to get rid of itchiness and rashes, and it's pretty easy to find in pharmacies. If you're still in pain, go see your doctor.

A nice pair of shades is never too much; any measure to protect the essential sense of sight is never enough.

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