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Aquarius Magic Horoscope Astral Prediction for 15th May

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Good news! You feel yourself getting rid of negative feelings, Aquarians. Those thoughts about your partner that clouded your mind will fade away.

You have an incredible skill to let things go, and even if it's hard, courage is your guide in life. You play with your mind, thus reaching an advanced level of harmony. That's your only way to get well: by letting go and putting away all negativity.

You understand that it's not just about how people behave, but also our interpretation of them. It's not splendid, but it isn't totally negative either.

If you have a problem with a friend, now's the time to leave bad thoughts aside. Ask for explanations, try to reconcile, and just this once, don't follow your first instincts.


These days, your business skills will increase and you'll get offers out of thin air. You'll know how to take the most advantage from an unexpected situation.

You're always considering opportunities, Aquarians, that's your main feature. And that is why you'll be so surprised.

That's who you are, Aquarians; the more unexpected something is, the more advantage you pull out of it. Now, there's no time to think too much; act according to your inspiration. The stars will reward you if you follow your instincts.

Take this boost; Uranus and Jupiter will work together to give you the strangest of opportunities. And they're advantageous to your finances! Do things you don't usually do.

Pay attention, because your excessive luck will allow you to get an important sum of money. Gambling will turn out to be very good for you.


Every person needs to take the best care they can of their bodies, but sometimes control slips off our hands, and that's when we need to ask for help. You need some support, you think you can do everything on your own, but you actually can't.

Your strong sense of independence may even cause you to avoid medicating or going to the doctor. You always think there's other ways to do things. A little skepticism is good, but don't overdo luck.

There's someone who may be dragging you along the wrong path. You don't need to avoid that person from now on; just become more aware and especially more responsible for your behaviour, Aquarians.