Full Aquarius Magic Horoscope for Tuesday, 1 May

Full Forecast for Today, Tuesday
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You don't trust people right away. At least, not until you've watched them closely. You want to know about everything behind their appearance, and to find out you can ask questions that may be embarrassing.

But once you accept people, no comments from the outside will change your mind. That's a great virtue, the ability to judge on your own.

Your partner may be criticised. Don't break up, they're the perfect match, at least for you! And whatever people say about it is their problem.

Even if you're alone, you'll know you've found The One once they've overcome all your barriers. In the end, you're not being exaggerate, Aquarians. It's the least you can do to bring someone into your life.


Your ability to absorb knowledge will be underrated while it seems your head is on the clouds. You'll know how to share what you've got at exactly the right time.

This will give you an advantage over everyone else. Since no one's seeing it coming, there won't be anything stopping you. As a result, you'll get that much awaited raise. There's no candidates with qualities like yours.

Don't let the chance to be more active than ever slip away. A lucky break isn't enough, Aquarians. If you insist on being decidedly useful, you could even expect a promotion.

If you don't have a job, a very good choice could be self-nomination. Send your own project to a company, or offer a service or skill you've got which you think could be useful for them. You'll be offered a decent sum in exchange.


Sometimes you find shelter in overeating to forget about your issues, Aquarians. This can be bad for your health, especially for your digestive system.

When we eat well, we can eat less. You just need half of the food you eat every day.

To eat better, chew food all the way, about 50 times before swallowing. Your intestines will absorb much better the nutritional elements, and you'll feel really full afterwards.