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Full Aquarius Magic Horoscope Prediction for Tuesday May 29th

Health, Money and Love Horoscope for Today, Tuesday
Aquarius Daily Horoscope |



Your relationships are pretty much free. But for some strange reason, Aquarians, you're abnormally jealous about your partner.

If you mistrust your partner so much, they will end up cheating, so that your doubts have a reason behind them! Taking the weight of blame is too much for anyone.

Even if your intuition's right... Let things fall down naturally. Be cold and logical like the native Aquarians you are. It's no use to sit down and cry. You're not trusting? Take measures, then.

It's no good to bury the seed of distress in a relationship. If you really appreciate what you've got, you could try to control your possessiveness and jealousy in couples' therapy.


It's a pretty positive day all around. If you have a personal project you're carrying out in your free time, it's got many chances to become your main income source.

It'll give you more and more satisfaction, so it's worth the research. The stars want Aquarians to be more original and show themselves to the world. Don't ignore others' advice, it'll be good.

Because Jupiter took a shine on you today, you can finally get the money you were expecting. Play the lottery because, even if you don't win the jackpot, you'll definitely get something. There's really good news coming.



You're at a time of great personal motivation to lead a healthier life. You do well analysing what goes into your body. You try to go to bed earlier and don't eat out as much.

Keep going, the stars encourage you to take this track. But don't give up halfway through. Give yourself weekly goals to get the feeling you're progressing.

If needed, make friends who are just as motivated. You'll find them at the gym or in places where a healthy lifestyle is the norm. It's easier to make healthy plans together, such as going on nature walks or bike routes.