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Read Your Aquarius Magic Horoscope Prediction for this Coming Tuesday 8th May

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Your partner insists on being friends with their ex-partner. You really don't like this, and that's okay. You somehow feel left out.

Don't think twice and have your say. Explain your situation clearly to your partner. Perhaps they don't give you reasons to believe they could cheat on you, but... what about being emotionally faithful? They shouldn't have broken up in the first place if they were doing that well.

You need to focus your suspicion on that "friend". Every time your partner's happy, that person comes back into their life. They don't eat, but they don't let anyone eat either. They move on their whims and your partner can't see it.

You should also focus on working on your friends, because in the end, boyfriends and girlfriends are temporary, but friends are forever, with just enough investment from you into the relationship.


Be careful with new shareholders or anyone you bring into your finances; one of them could mean dirty business. That money you gathered with your effort is on the verge of being badly invested.

It's essential for you to have a second opinion, but assess what they can get from the deal. Even if you're selfless, others can guide themselves through their own intentions, which may not be as honest as yours.

Anyway, today you shouldn't trust first impressions. In fact, if you're looking for a job, you may be offered a position that could be less perfect than it seems. Watch out.


Your day will be all about ups and downs. Colds that just don't go away or headaches could keep you away from your usual wellness.

Don't despair. As soon as you slow down a little, you'll be back on your energetic, lively feet.

It's also very important not to underrate your resilience. Don't go to excess. It's not as easy to fight back as it used to, and any extra effort from your body will be costly.