Full Aquarius Magic Horoscope for Wednesday, 11 April

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As natural communicators, you love the excitement of meeting someone new. Creating bridges between souls and meeting a brand new world is always fascinating to you.

But after this excitement stage, sooner or later you get bored. Today you'll ask yourself what are you doing with that person. What do they bring into your life? You feel bad about thinking of your partner that way

Communication issues are a two-way street. Are you leaving enough time for the other person to bring up a conversation topic? Your mind is usually faster than that of others! Be a little patient.

If you're single, try not to criticise so much. This doesn't mean you should lose all objectivity, but develop compassion for others. Soon there will be someone who'll share many of your interests.


You're always deciding between acting yourself or asking others for help. Sometimes you don't think others can do it as well as you.

There's no big task that one single person can do. If you want to be fast, try it yourself, but you'll follow most of the pathway with someone beside you.

This advice is good both if you're employed and if you're still out of work, ready to start up your business. Brotherhood is your best asset, whether you've developed it or not. Fortune will come your way through this.


If you're feeling tired these days, you should make sure you have enough iron. As Aquarians, you're prone to anemia, which is the lack of this mineral in the body.

This is one of the required minerals for the efficient transfer of blood oxygen, and it is commonly found in foods of animal origin.

If you're a fertile woman, be careful; you're especially sensitive to this. Go to your doctor to get a blood test, especially if it's been long since you last had one.