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Love is truly making its way through your life even if you can't notice it. Venus will be influencing you from today onwards. However, your emotional past could become too heavy.

There's things you'd rather not remember and issues you don't like talking about. It's hard for anyone to know you better that way. There's no love without understanding.

But life will want you to overcome those barriers. That's the order from Venus. Open up to others. Perhaps you're already dating but not too confident about your choice of partner.

Scare away your doubts by thinking less and acting more. What can you do to boost love? That's your challenge.

Go see a psychologist if you feel you need emotional guidance. Professional help would do wonders for you.


After facing several obstacles, you'll get the money you're waiting for. It may have been stalled away, or it be a mistake you have had to subtly point out.

As for your career, you'll have to invest some money for your duties to keep moving on. Don't wait for anyone to do it in your place, especially if you see your health at stake and there's delays.

In the same way, if you're looking for jobs, you'll have to invest in some self-advertising. For example, you can make your own business card as a presentation tool; you'll make a difference.


Take a deep breath because halfway through the week, stress will strike again. The hustle and bustle of life can be overwhelming sometimes.

Perhaps you should reconsider your environment. As an adult, you're not all-powerful, but you're not powerless either. Are you where you want, or where "you had to"?

Maybe those questions will make you sick. They're signals from your body to say there's something going wrong.

Watch your lifestyle and take a break. Perhaps you should find some free time to take a walk around the countryside and think about this, among other questions.