Aquarius Magic Horoscope Astral Prediction for 25th April

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When you're overwhelmed by duties and plans, you feel able to throw everything off the cliff to find the company of others.

You get this inner impulse to burst your bubble and socialise. This happens very few times, but today's a day for that.

It'll be incredibly easy to connect with water signs like Cancers or Pisces, which are more emotional.

You'll suddenly be interested about where emotional issues come from, and contact with those natives will give you some answers.

Your partner or a close friend will feel closer than ever; they'll want to share a distressing problem. Don't ignore their plea. Your calmness will allow them to share every little detail.

You won't be asked for advice, your task is to get rid of negativity. How? Offer a new perspective on the problem, without judgments.


Your course is smooth at work, especially because you create a great impression on your managers. Your ability to detect others' needs is crazy, even if you try to keep your analysis hidden.

No one really knows what's on your mind, Aquarians. You're a mystery even to yourselves. But little by little, you're knowing yourself better, and this will be something good for you in business.

If you're still out of work, shortly you'll get the chance to find something appropriate for you, especially in contact with the general public. You watch people with a scientist's concerned eyes.


It's really bad luck that you've had top health throughout the whole week, and now comes an untimely cold. Your free time is once again constricted by your health's tricks and tumbles.

Stars want you to be creative. Make an original reset of the day and keep up the bliss of being alive. A calm day at home with friends will make you feel happy and satisfied.

Near the evening you'll feel kind of better, but be careful; it's a trap! Don't dare to go out, you'll feel worse the next day. Rest as much as you can.