Full Horoscope for Aquarius for This Coming Wednesday 4th April by Magic Horoscope

Astral Prediction for Today, Wednesday
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Vibrations for this 4th April will enhance your skill to communicate with others.

Especially with that special someone who isn't close to you right now.

You don't really know what excuse to pull off in order to get closer... This is beyond pure physical attraction.

This Wednesday encourages you to show yourself off. Tell that person why you want to be closer. Just because you feel you can match? Let that be your introduction, Aquarians.

Human beings long for connections to others. If you've got the right reasons -that is, if you get interested about the other person's thoughts-, you'll reach mutual understanding.

Just because you're dating you shouldn't stop doing that. You need to make friends; Aquarius is the sign ruling over House 11 from the Zodiac, guided by friendship.

If you don't want to connect with others because you're afraid of losing your partner, your soul will start wilting bit by bit.


If you're scared to do something, do it anyway! You need to take this emotion as the sign that will guide your path.

If you take unchallenging light paths, you won't grow. You won't develop your skills and be stuck in your financial flourishing.

Every transformation involves the symbolic death of what doesn't work within us.

Fear is just the resistance to let go of our wilted components. Better the Devil you know, right?

Find a job for which you're willing to fight right now.


You have no doubt in other areas of your life. If you've got a cavity, you get an appointment straight away; if your back hurts, you go and get a massage.

Why shouldn't you go see a psychologist when your emotional problems overwhelm you? That's watching out for your health as well.

Chats with friends are good for you, but don't mistake them for a meet-up with an expert. Experts have specific psychological tools that might help you with your issues.