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Aquarius Forecast for Wednesday 28th February by Magic Horoscope

Astral Horoscope for Today, Wednesday 28th February
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From time to time you bump into someone with a presence and electricity that match your own instantly. What's so appealing about that person? Never mind, explanations should stay in written pages.

Create a subtle encounter. But go slow, because you're going far. You've learned that it's no use to create relationships in which you don't believe from the get-go. What for? You're too much appreciative of your time.

You'll count with the basic safety that this person will be there for you. What will happen if love runs out? It's okay, you'll always have an honest friendship. The most complete friendships are those created between two people who know each other in every single part of their life, even the sexual one!

Dear Aquarians, that's the advanced and irrepleaceable thought from Uranus' influence.


One of the difficulties you clash with to overcome obstacles smoothly is that strong powers have it too easy to bring down your efforts.

No one wants to invest money into projects that you don't trust blindly. Start showing some martial aggressiveness. It isn't the same if you let someone put a price on it, than having you set the numbers of how much your work is worth.

You need to set your own mind straight to find those doubts that keep you from claiming what you deserve. Before you jump in, make sure your focus is clear and fair.

Only then you'll be able to see and respond quickly to any external attempt to break down your efforts.


You need to eat healthy and, from time to time, whatever you want, no blame for it. Dance the way you want without thinking about what people may say. Laugh your day away until your stomach hurts!

Think about the last time you let yourself have such a moment... It will never be enough!

Your mind gives you beautiful moments when sending you away to magical worlds where no other has ever gone. But life needs balance. Dear Aquarians, let your hair down from time to time in the world around you.

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