Aquarius Daily Horoscope
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It's time to get away! You're usually unstoppable, but suddenly you've noticed you spend too many hours waiting for them to text you, or feeling sorry because they don't pay you attention.

Meanwhile, you neglect family and friends who do love you and who will bring peace to your heart. And what's worse, you're neglecting your duties and chores as well.

Don't depend on anyone to be happy. If you're constantly living with the fear of losing them, they're not the right person for you.

Deep down they're just not trustworthy. Open your eyes and don't mistake for love something that has become your obsession.


Some outside help for work will get you out of a pinch. A colleague will offer to help around and do something out of your field of expertise.

Pay attention to what they do, because aside from solving the problem, you could learn to sort it out yourselves just by looking.

Thanks to your efforts outside work, your independent project will make profits. It's an idea that will bring better income, but what's best is the satisfaction about the realisation of your idea.

You'll be successful in tests. They'll be useful to bring you where you want, and your efforts won't ever be wasted.


You hate certain things out of habit. But the saddest thing is, they could do real wonders on your health. Are you stuck to ideas you should probably renew? Your friends and acquaintances are telling you. It's time to stop being stubborn.

Drop your prejudice. Try that alternative therapy or Ayurvedic massage. It's okay to give them a chance.

In this sense, you shouldn't bottle up the resentment in your heart either. Sometimes people make mistakes. We all do. Give second chances and don't drag around extra weight.