Aquarius Daily Horoscope
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You really enjoy being single, even if people around you can't believe it. You have everything you've always wanted, and what's more, time to pursue your interests.

Still, you can't help but miss some extra warmth... But is it because you miss love, or having someone to be intimate with? Be honest to yourselves, Aquarians.

It'll depend on your upbringing, but nowadays we're liberated enough as to understand that sex can stand away from love.

When love and sex go hand in hand, magic happens; but on the meantime, you can just enjoy sheer pleasure. You'll have chances to do it.


A careless attitude when going out and spending money will lead you to regret your purchases later.

Don't ignore the influence from Saturn, one of your ruling planets. If it's an object or a service you can get by without, perhaps you should put your money into something more essential.

Also, you're better off comparing and looking at prices. Don't make first options final, because you could be ignoring juicy opportunities with which to save big.

And if you're still unwilling to give up on spending, limit treats to once a month. You'll find your purchases are much more accurate.

Online shopping also implies saving lots of money instead of always resorting to physical stores, Aquarians.


If you've been irresponsible lately with your health, you'll be glad to know that ends today.

Compulsive shopping for miracle creams brings nothing but deception and holes in your wallet.

A good moisturiser could be pure aloe vera; it doesn't give your skin a scent, but it keeps it on top conditions.