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Aquarius Magic Horoscope for 6th June

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Bad news. A relative may have been diagnosed with a more or less serious illness.

Obviously you will both feel apprehensive about what's coming up, but the worst you can do is get worried. That person needs your support, it's not the time to let them down.

You're proving to be a strong supporter when listening to their doubts and fears with sympathy. No victimisation, no telling them not to be afraid... Let them know you can overcome this together!

Make their day by encouraging them to do what they've always enjoyed doing, even if they don't like it.

If they forget about the illness at least for a while, that's a way to help them as well. You give them more reasons to fight for their life.


Someone who doesn't make mistakes doesn't take risks either. Without change, there's no evolution. Is that what you want for you? Don't be dragged away by a comfortable life, Aquarians. That's not your thing! Monotony kills your soul.

It's a day to get risky and try something new. Find the life burning inside of you. You'll find new business possibilities. You may even find a brand new field of expertise.

Life is short, and you won't be able to tell yourselves off for not trying your hardest when you're old. That's when all memories brought together will have been worth it.


If you've been trying to quit smoking for a while, you're in luck today. The moon will make it easier for you to seriously consider breaking up the habit for good.

It's okay to reduce the intake bit by bit, but this can go on for too long. You keep stimulating the illness' development in your lungs.

Find all the right reasons to quit smoking. You can also rely on others. You tend to take the whole load upon your shoulders. People are trying to help. That's how they prove their love and affection.

Also, try to avoid situations where you know you're exposed to smoking, drinking and overeating. It's the same for alcohol, overeating... the key is to be aware.

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