Aquarius Daily Horoscope |



Aquarians, if you're in a relationship, it won't last longer... You're actually considering breaking up. You've reached a point where you can't stand routine. You desperately need a change!

For a while you've noticed that your partner has changed. Now they're pretty tense towards you, they have whims that they didn't show before, and they confuse you because they're not sure about what they want.

You should add to this that they don't really care if you're together or not. Where do you think that attitude comes from? A lack of interest. Think whether you'll be really okay with someone like that.

You could always stay friends, you have a lot in common. If you're single, these are not the best waters to start a relationship, because individuality is your strongest feat today.


You finish a project and rush into the next. You never stop! You're never getting a break. Because stars are speeding up, you may go through a change of careers.

Sometimes you work alone for a long time and you can get bored; try to pair up your tasks with socialising, even if it's people from work.

You can't do everything, prioritise and optimise your resources. Instead of wasting your energy everywhere, focus it on one single area.

If you're out of work, you could do some extra tasks but without signing a contract that brings you stability. Someone you know wants to help you on this, but it won't be more than a one-time job.


There's an important improvement in your health, Aquarians. Pains are fading away and you especially feel energy vibrating inside you. You're in the classic water regeneration cycle.

With just a bit of extra care, you'll keep your energy levels up, and you'll continue to get great things. Coffee is definitely your ally, but don't abuse it if you're naturally energetic.

Have a strong, healthy breakfast! By choosing the source of energy for your food the job's already halfway done.