Aquarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Halfway through the week and with all duties pending, you'll have a passionate sex adventure! It may be with your partner or a person that you don't know much about, if you're single.

Try to find time because it will be a worthy experience. Maybe at the beginning you're scared, but your permanent curiosity will make you give in completely.

A person from your past with whom you've had a lot of sexual chemistry will want to hear from you. Yes, their motive is sexual.

Sometimes it's good to remember good times, as long as things are straight. You don't have a steady partner, so you can afford it.


Do you remember the feeling of exams going best when you studied the least? This is actually false, of course. What happens is, whenever you don't study, you don't feel pressured. When you relax, things are better.

During today you need to focus on that state. If you come for an important exam, whether it's an entry exam, your driver's license... Go there without expectations.

This attitude should also be brought to work. You'll be fortunate if you devote yourself to work without thinking of the results and paying attention to the process.

If you're out of work, lose the fear of calling companies, while keeping in mind the motto of "whatever will be, will be". Upload your profile into a job-seeking site, you'll have more chances to be hired.


Today anxiety could ruin your day, whether at work or studies; don't let it control your life.

Practice sensory relaxation. Squeezing stress balls will make you let off some tension.

Anyway, sex is a choice which will quickly give you the calm you need while strengthening your bonds with that person; so if you're seeing someone, don't think twice.