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Aquarius Magic Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Wednesday 23rd May

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Generally, native Aquarians have a feminine side that feels crushed by a powerful masculine side. Aquarius is a fixed sign, and as such, it is prone to masculine energy-based behaviours.

Aquarian ladies will have a harder time when expressing their tenderness, more than usual. You won't change or become anyone else if you choose to wear make-up, wear dresses or be girlier for one day.

If you feel this need, you have to be aware that nobody is going to judge you. You also need to connect with your other 'half' to be complete individuals, Aquarians.

The same can be said about Aquarian men. Expressing your feelings doesn't make you any weaker or more vulnerable. It makes you human! Sometimes people think you're as far-off as an asteroid.



There's a spark inside of you, which you must work on until the stars align for you. Aquarians, you're full of virtues, whether you believe it or not. Deep down you know that's the truth, even if people keep saying the opposite.

Don't be influenced by other's jealousy and bad vibrations. Life is a game where you came to have fun while developing your talents.

Go ahead! Today's a day to experiment with new contents. Even if they aren't directly linked to your job, take part in alternative projects.

If you know people who do things that you like, make a collaboration proposal. All parties will be satisfied about the results. It's the magic of Aquarius.


All those electronic devices have been giving you nothing but headaches. We're not ready for this much information, nor for radiation. You'd do well in limiting your exposure to them.

Also, be careful with your posture. You're not aware of it when you spend hour after hour on the screen, and then you get back pain.

Aquarians can greatly benefit from having a pet. A dog is the perfect excuse to loosen your legs with a walk. Also, it reinforces their feelings of love and affection. You get along so well with animals!