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Aquarius Astral Horoscope for Wednesday 2nd May by Magic Horoscope

Your Horoscope Prediction for Today, Wednesday
Aquarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Okay, you messed up big time. You definitely went wrong with that person. You accused them unfairly, or you thought their personality was one way, and it ended up being the opposite. Oh, dear!

If you promise to turn things around, you can go even further. Do anything you can to appreciate that person the way they are. That means you should avoid acting through prejudice.

It's very strange for you to make these mistakes, but sometimes it happens. Your radar can work better on ideas than people. Try not to rush it next time around.


If your partner thinks they can control your finances, they are entirely wrong. You don't need anyone to spoil you.

You're independent enough as to want to avoid it. It's a different story if circumstances have temporarily pushed you into getting help. But they shouldn't think you belong to them!

Today, the odds will be in your favour. You'll be able to shut them up by finding a job. You'll get more chances of getting a paid job, and the wages will be quite high

You can also ask for a government grant, given your situation. Do some proper research.


You'll be better off if you start quitting some habits that take you away from your best selves. You know which ones we're talking about, Aquarians.

You're especially concerned about not being awake enough. You're constantly living in your mental kingdom, where information is running high. Always on the hunt for new ideas, it's hard for you to slow down your thinking.

Today you'll have to rethink whether you really need that mental overstimulation. Sometimes less is more.

You'd do well by going out for walks more to clear your mind off, whether you're alone or not. A walk around a quiet area would be perfect.