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Friday February 2nd Aquarius Stars Prediction

Aquarius: Your Star Sign Revelations
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Love is not a contract that isn't open to changes, even if you did put pen to paper the day you said "I do". Something as essential and changing as love doesn't work with fixed rules; each couple is different, and each couple dictates their own rules and regulations.

However, something you should avoid is setting them according to a series of qualities that hide our real self. If you see there's something that has room for change or improvement, don't think twice and make your proposal to the other person.

Today is a great day to reach your love life goals, so take the plunge and make the proposal you've been waiting to make for so long.


Unlike yesterday, today you'll feel very cheerful and you'll be more efficient than usual. The weekend couldn't come at a better time, and finishing your tasks and assignments earlier than expected will give you a few free hours that you'll be using to plan something special for the weekend.

How about a last-minute holiday in that city you like so much, and which you haven't seen for so long? You can afford it, so go ahead!


Generally, as years go by, we start losing our health; this is a statement that won't apply to your case, so you'll be the exception. For example, you've gone by without migraines or headaches for quite a while, and indeed, that's something that happens less and less often as we grow old.

According to some experts in neurology, migraine bouts are more usual around age 20, and they start dropping after 25. In fact, there's people who stopped having any sort of migraine when they reached the age of 55. Will that be your case?