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Full Aquarius Magical Horoscope Forecast for Monday

El pronóstico completo del horóscopo sobre salud, dinero y amor
Aquarius Daily Horoscope | 


Sometimes your friends and family don't get you, and you can behave in an eccentric way that makes others feel worried. You spend a long time by yourself, no matter if you're single or not. You do this because you think no one appreciates you completely. It's good to work on your innerself, but you also need to connect with other people.

Today you'll learn that love is all about receiving. We mistakenly believe that we need to give all the time. But how will we find true love if we haven't experienced it ourselves before? Only by relaxing you'll come to experience pure love. Start your training by having some quality time with friends.


It's time for you to rethink about your relationship to authority, which you tend to despise. This can be good for your relationship with your boss (who is your main source for financial stability whether you like it or not) and to avoid law problems as well.

In other news, start saving up for all those trips you want to go on. You're someone who would very much profit from opening up to other cultures and seeing the world. Unfortunately, the money you need doesn't fall from the sky. What you should do is try to talk it over with some friends who would be interesting travelling partners for this new adventure you're about to embark on. 


You've been experiencing some stomach pains lately. Don't eat anything coming from street vendors or stalls that's not exactly falling into the approved laws of healthcare. You'll see you feel better as soon as you start eating the most appropriate, healthy foods for your body. Your health is strongly connected to your nutrition.