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The Monday January 22nd Aquarius Stars Prediction

Aquarius: Your Star Sign Revelations
Aquarius daily horoscope |


Love shapes into baffling shapes and, until recently, you didn't understand what was going on around you. Today you'll start spanning your not going through a good time and that you need time and space to think about your behavior.

Aquarius, and especially those who are single, take control of their lives. It means becoming aware of things which have made you feel ashamed within the last hours. Stick up for yourself, because what is done, is done.


You have brought order to your job and there's even people who have left the company because of this. Don't feel guilty as you have got rid of negative energies which were not beneficial for you at all, rather the contrary.

On the other hand, you feel it's time for you to change from one company to another, although it's not the right moment yet. Just be patient. Your economy isn't in its best moment but it's not being rough for you to make ends meet.

A good thing would be leaving everything as it is to face coming unexpected events.


As for your health, you'll go through headaches and menstrual problems. To fight against these pains, try to use verbena infusions within your meals. Lavender flowers might also be useful. Your mind is quite quiet and your skin gets the benefits from it.

You're developing a very painful dermatitis and you hair is weaker each time. To solve it and skin imperfections you should take more raspberry leaves. There are natural remedies for every single case and illness.