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Saturday February 3rd Aquarius Stars Prediction

Aquarius: Your Star Sign Revelations
Aquarius Daily Horoscope |


Love is not something subject to rules, but there's certain unwritten rules that you both need to respect if you want the relationship to work, and you may be going too far lately. Even though you're usually an understanding person, you're not behaving that way with your partner. Try to improve that.

For our Aquarius friends free of all rules, you're in for a heartbreaking day ahead. First, your proposal is not getting an answer, and that can make you frustrated, but you shouldn't give up on your search for love. Sooner or later passion will find a way, and when it does, it comes in like a tornado.


Today you'll finally get those hours off you'd been expecting for so long. You're the only person deserving of them, so do whatever you want with them. Don't let anyone or anything change that plan you had in mind.

Even if you're a sociable person, from time to time you need to feel at peace with yourself. Having a cup of warm tea and see the rain fall or the sun set from behind your window is the perfect plan for your mind, and the most purifying as well.


As we've pointed out, Saturday may be a day for you to set your thoughts in order. It will be a day where you see everything crystal clear. That sudden wellness confirms what you were suspecting: you're finally free from those horrible migrains you had from time to time.

To accept this new situation fully, you should look into the mirror and embrace who you are. It's not easy when we live in a society as shallow as ours, but stretch marks and wrinkles are part of your maturity. Beauty also lies within an interesting mind.

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