Magical Horoscope 5
Aquarius Daily Horoscope |


You need to be loved just like a cat; people need to give you freedom and independence to stick to your personality. You stay true to yourself no matter what. Your perfect match is someone who isn't controlling. If you want more independence, don't ask for it. Act accordingly and if your partner doesn't like it, you need to make a deal.

You may also be overreacting. Don't get obsessed over small unimportant things. Have you considered that perhaps this “restricted freedom” is only in your imagination?

If you're still unhappy about your situation after all this, you can always ask yourself whether it's worth it to be in a relationship.


There's a good luck halo looming around the person who's going through the pleasure of enjoying their own company.

You're lucky, Aquarius; because there's nothing better to face loneliness than being comfortable in your own skin, just like you are.

If you can't leave the house in 3 days, you're just fine with it. This will be useful because today you'll need to be alone to set things straight with your projects.

But don't lose time waiting by an open door; expecting luck to come through the mailbox or waiting to win the lottery is taking the risk of waiting your entire life.


Don't forget that limitations need some limits themselves. You may have come to realize that people who torture their bodies in the name of spiritual self-discipline end up the process not with spirituality, but hurt and in pain.

You've also seen that people who have chosen to constantly forbid themselves from eating what they like end up being constantly worried about food.

There's a fine line between setting boundaries and imposing barriers. Don't fall into the trap of mistaking one for the other.