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The Sunday January 21st Aquarius Stars Prediction

Aquarius: Your Star Sign Revelations

 Aquarius: Your Star Sign Revelations |



Fate is once more causing you intense emotions on a love that's still hard to understand. Don't stop to try to see what's going on, because love doesn't always have a reason. Go against your gut and move with the flow. So, it appears you're in for a rocky weekend.

Those Aquarius with a partner are subject to the wishes of a switching Moon, like little lab mice dancing along to a sound from above. Once minute they're tangled up in hot, hard kissing, and falling prey to fury the next. Anyway, try to stay safe this Sunday.


You've received a stack of money that you weren't even aware of owning. But managing that money well will be the real challenge. You can always afford a shopping spree, but keep some stashed away for an emergency. Don't go crazy now that the ball's on your half of the field.

At work you're having a rough time with mixed feelings. On the one hand you like what you do, but on the other, your relationships at work are at stake because of some secrets and undealt matters that shouldn't be there. If you feel like something's not right, contact the union and make sure that there's nothing unfair going on in the company.


After a series of challenges and rough times with health, you've got a long smooth road ahead. As long as you stay on the right path, you'll feel like you're one with the world. Just for one day, stop worrying about long-term health issues, which you've been dragging around since you were young, and enjoy an ascending path that's going to bring you good things.

Even if nothing's bothering you, you should stick to your daily cup of tea, which has definitely proven to be good for you.