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Sunday January 28th Aquarius Stars Prediction

Aquarius: Your Star Sign Revelations
Aquarius Daily Horoscope |


Even though you're showing off a liberal, commitment-free persona, you're starting to think whether it would be best to have a partner and plan things together. You feel like it for now, although you're not sure if you can offer real stability to the other person. You should choose if you want to change your mindset or stay just the way you are.

In Aquarius relationships, your issues at work or those health-related are making you give mean-spirited responses to your partner. That creates mistrust, even while experiencing a time when all you need is love. Slow down and let your other half love you like they do.


You're entering a seriously dangerous game at work. There's someone who's making you nervous and seems to try their hardest to make you lose your temper, sending off unnecessary accusations and blaming you undercover about all the bad things going on at work. Be patient, because the truth will come to light and your smile will be your best asset in battle.

This Sunday you'll let consumerism overtake you and, as soon as you set foot into a mall open on Sundays, you'll sweep everything away. Take a peek into your shopping bags and make sure to know how many times you'll use that item or how many times you'll wear that dress. Be careful with impulses.


To wake up in a lighter mood, the best thing is for you to adopt good posture when you sleep, trying to relax your body and especially your muscles. Instead of having that morning cigarette that has such bad consequences on your body (but still feels so good), have a nice breakfast and try to swap your urge to smoke by other fun activities.

When you go to bed, keep drinking your mint teas; they're a natural remedy which, aside from bringing wellness into your five senses, will make you fall into deep sleep in a much more relaxed way.

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