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Thursday February 1st Aquarius Stars Prediction

Aquarius: Your Star Sign Revelations
Aquarius Daily Horoscope |


You don't need a relationship 7 days a week. The best thing for you would be to start today and finish on Sunday, while the rest of the week is for each of you to enjoy separation and have some me-time.

This is a perfect plan for you now that you've met someone, but you're not quite sure if you're ready for a long-lasting bond or it's just a temporary flirt, but at the same time it's a double-edged sword: maybe your partner doesn't think it's such a great idea. Instead of saying it straight out, do it subtly and check their reaction.


You're starting to grow tired of routines. This is a statement that will lead your mindset today. Every Thursday is the same; your daily plan has no room for variation at all. It's like you're constantly wearing a full-body armor.

Why don't you try introducing some changes? It sounds silly, but changing your usual work commute or having a nice cup of coffee somewhere different than your classic bar are small gestures that can make your day a little more fun.

Come to think of it, the good thing about this is that the weekend is slowly getting closer. It's Thursday already!


Misunderstandings can make you feel a little anxious. They're not good at all, they make you see that not everyone understands your thinking, and your reaction is to become distant, and re-entering that little room in your mind with a sign on the door that says "I'm too different".

In your case, Aquarius, it's hard to face the challenges in today's society because of your sign. Your values are more realistic and human than those of others. Injustice, a lack of empathy and disrespectful attitudes are some of the things that annoy you the most.

You shouldn't feel bad or any less worth than others because of this. Your personality is what makes you special, after all, and you're the type of person everyone needs in their life.

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