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Aquarius Daily Horoscope   |


Feel free to feel good and to share that wellness with those around you. You enjoy it when you share your wellness and support others.

Today you'll be especially sensitive with the beauty around you. You start feeling like people are looking their best. Give them some innocent flattery and you'll see smiles drawn on their faces.

You'll surrender to the outer beauty of a stranger you'll meet on the streets.

This is truly out of the blue for an Aquarius. Try to find out who that person is.

Take the chance to visit your family today, it's due time you do.


You've learned to sing and dance under the rain. Happiness is no longer coming from the outside, but flowing entirely from within.

You're still in an ongoing progress with your reduced salary. Once more, stars are calling upon you to exploit your patience.

Thanks to a little push from Lady Luck, you'll get a teamwork proposal for a well-paid project. That doesn't mean you should give up your personal project. This is just a one-time proposal.

You're not very materialistic, but a little more money would do wonders. You should start considering the possibility of managing this temporary collaboration along with your other activities.


Today you'll get muscle pains, as a result of the long weekend walks around the mountain. But you don't really mind this, next week you'll be ready to retake this activity.

There's some home remedies that will be perfect to speed up muscle recovery. Having some milk will relax your tissue. You can also apply ice on the affected areas.

It might be good for you to doublecheck your trekking shoes. If they're old, the sole may be wornout and won't absorb impact the way it did before.