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The Tuesday January 23rd Aquarius Stars Prediction

Aquarius: Your Star Sign Revelations

Aquarius: Your Star Sign Revelations |



You'll be pretty distant not just from your partner, but the world as well. Your weekend mood swings are paying off, and after a small argument you'll want to have some space inbetween to make things easier.

However, you should know this is one of those temporary conflicts. Still, this is making you feel down in the dumps and you'll avoid socializing with those around you.

From time to time, your independent side claims ownership and tries to overpower you. It's not that bad of an idea to have a day just to yourself, so don't take this circumstance too personally. 


Start the day off by getting ready to face any challenges, whether they're financial, economic or work-related. Star alignment for today is not looking good at all, and you're better off trying to find some shelter because there's a storm brewing.

An upcoming business challenge will make the world around you and the company turn upside down, suddenly times are changing for you. Things will never be the same and you're happy you discussed your worries and concerns openly with the workers' union. At least now you know there's a great deal of people backing you up. 


Emotions usually tend to build up in those parts of our bodies that we don't care much about, and it's precisely those parts that bring collateral damage in the end. The liver is a crucial organ in our body, as well as being an important source of emotional storage.

One of the most beneficial foods for your liver is artichoke, which you can have both in a hot beverage and cooked. Even though not all of us feel the same effects after having it, in ancient times it was used to cleanse this organ and it wouldn't be too much of an extra if you put some time into it.